Thursday, March 16, 2017

The Amazing Kreskin

"no one has ever asked me that before.....mmmmm...let me think a second..."

Introducing the AMAZING KRESKIN, for the very FIRST TIME.. as you have NEVER SEEN HIM BEFORE. Kreskin reveals his inner most thoughts, feelings and anguishes for humanity. He cares profoundly for his fellow man and that comes through in everything he does. Kreskin is opinionated and still controversial on and off stage. Kreskin is sharp...and hilarious. He speaks of being the inspiration for the Hollywood comedic drama "The Great Buck Howard" starring John Malkovich, Tom Hanks and Colin Hanks. Mass hypnosis and Hitler's nefarious use of those techniques and the dangerous in leaders repeating those follies today. The Miracle of Fatima and the phenomena can't be a mass hypnosis event, but must be more...a miracle? Maybe!

Kreskin has appeared on The Tonight Show no less than 61 times, multiple appearances on David Letterman and in 2009 Kreskin became the first guest to make three appearances on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.

From 1970 to 1975, The Amazing World of Kreskin was broadcast throughout Canada on CTV and a young boy would tune in week after week and exclaim how does he do that!? That young boy by the way was me.. The series was produced in Ottawa, Ontario at the CJOH-TV studios and distributed in syndication in the United States.

It is my great pleasure to welcome The Amazing Kreskin to the show, but who's show is it lol!?.

Download (30:00)

The Great Buck Howard

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