Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Lydia Reich "Desperation: Surviving Hitler's Intention"

Ever had a nightmare where you're falling and can't wake up? Ever had a nightmare where you're trapped and can't escape. How about road rage? Ever been a victim? And how you shake from head to toe wondering if you will be alright? Even this doesn't come close. No escape. No one to help. Nowhere to hide. The end of your life facing you, like the person in front of you that just went into the gas chamber. But these are just words, aren't they, as I sip on my coffee in peaceful Canada.Perhaps it is "just" I can't find the words. Perhaps it is right that no words should ever be found to describe the indescribable.Lydia Reich was just a young girl when she encountered Hitler’s “final solution”. In the interview she refers several times to a “wagon”, what she is referring to of course is a train box car. This isn’t a movie folks, this happened. For real.She grew up in the 1930s in Germany; she was ripped from the arms of her mother, virtually, and taken to a slave labour camp. Later, forced on a death march to Bergen-Belsen. It is winter as I write this in Canada. It is freezing outside. They only way to stay warm in the huts at night was for one girl to sleep on top of the other one night and the next night it would be the other’s turn. No blankets, no sanitation, no hope. How many of us would have the drive to live under those conditions. Lydia Reich told me during the interview the sole motivation for her staying alive was an inner voice that told her to survive in order to tell her story. While she lay there in the camps underfed, undernourished, freezing to death, waiting for death at any second, the only thing that kept her alive was to bear witness to what had taken place. With Anti-Semitism being the highest it has been since the 1930s, perhaps this is a person we should all listen to, lest the Shoah should happen again. Please honour Lydia Reich today and listen to this show and share it, share it with all who will listen. It is a free download for all.

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